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90 Miles to Freedom

One man's quest for freedom

Author Jeffrey J. Kutcher


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A novel by Jeffrey J. Kutcher 

Based on the incredible true story of Cuban-born Amaury Torres, an Army Ranger turned culinary chef, who fled for his life, by makeshift raft, from Castro's communist Cuba in the 1990s. 

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This was a great action packed journey that had many instances of thought provoking moments along the way. This is a story about one man's journey, and you the reader, have a bird's eye view. The author has done an excellent job of captivating the reader's attention, especially since this story is so prevalent during current times.

I definitely recommend this book, a real page turner, and I think it would make a perfect gift as well.

A wonderful, inspiring story, and a well-written tale. It's a real eye-opener on life in Cuba. Amaury Torrez's quest for freedom reminds us all what a precious gift we all have.

Ernest G. Ovtiz

To read 90 Miles to Freedom, by Jeffrey J. Kutcher is to experience a combination of all the superlatives you can assign to a work of literature. The story draws you in, and stays with you even after you stop reading and put it down. It’s difficult to imagine that this is the author’s first attempt at a novel because of how expertly the work flows. You will most definitely enjoy this novel, and want to share it with everyone you know who loves reading books that make you feel like you are a participant in the novel, watching the story unfold.
Catherine Morris

Catherine Morris

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Jeffrey Kutcher is a businessman from New York. After years working as a financial advisor, he bought the landmark restaurant The Mineshaft Tavern in Madrid, New Mexico, (just a stone’s throw from Santa Fe.) It was there that he met Chef Amaury Torres whose true-life story inspired him to write this book. Jeffrey now lives in Sarasota, Florida where he works as a real estate agent. Jeffrey is the father to two loving daughters, Avra J. Kutcher Esq.—an attorney, and Sunny Rose Kutcher—an actress in Los Angeles. They have inspired him to finish this book after many years in production. Jeffrey is also working to adapt 90 Miles to Freedom for the screen. This is his first novel.



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